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Welcome to Al Cooke Courses and Talks

I am a specialist in bespoke courses, coaching and talks in very specific topics – my Selling on Amazon course and Magnet Therapy & Wellbeing training have been crafted from my experience of over 35 years in business.


Selling on Amazon Course

I see many small business retailers struggling to get through the journey to sell on Amazon. Indeed, I have been there myself many times over! That’s why I offer an Amazon course specifically covering this topic – I tailor my course to small businesses needing help to either start, or get better at selling on Amazon.

See the How to sell on Amazon course details here.

I also offer Selling on Amazon Coaching on a 121 basis for those small business owners wanting more hands on help and advice specifically for their retail business.

See the Selling on Amazon Coaching details here.


Magnet Therapy and Wellbeing

I am a qualified Magnet Therapist and run my hugely successful business Norstar Magnetics. Bringing this experience together with many years of training and coaching, I am pleased to now offer courses in Magnet Therapy and 5-a-day nutrition.

See course details for Magnet Therapy here and for 5-a-day here.