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How to sell on Amazon Course


How to sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon

If you are thinking of either buying or selling on Amazon marketplace this “How to sell on Amazon” training course is for you.  You need to ask yourself – what are the advantages/disadvantages? As an Amazon buyer and seller for many years Alan has built up a clear knowledge and understanding of how this global online retail giant works. As part of this “How to sell on Amazon” training course, Al explores questions such as:

How do you start selling on Amazon?

Should you sell and distribute goods yourself?

Is it more beneficial to allow Amazon to fulfil your orders?

What are the pros and cons of deciding when and how to sell on Amazon?

How can you maximise selling on Amazon as a sales and marketing channel?

Alan will discuss the pros and cons of being an Amazon seller through his first hand experience over the years, offering small business owners help and advice through their journey to start selling on Amazon.

In this informative training course, Alan will draw attention to potential pit falls and share an unfortunate Amazon selling experience that nearly cost him hundreds of pounds through no fault of his own. He will also explore product selection and prepare you for the unexpected.

This Amazon course will be tailored to the needs of the trainees – whether it be a half a day or a day that’s needed, Alan will ensure you get the knowledge and confidence you need to become an informed Amazon seller.

So if you are seriously contemplating taking the plunge into this type of marketing then this is the event you cannot afford to miss. At the end of this “How to sell on Amazon” course you will have a much broader knowledge on how Amazon operates and be able to make an informed judgement as to whether it is likely to work for your retail business.


Training dates and booking

The “How to sell on Amazon” course takes place on various ad hoc dates depending on demand and can be delivered to groups or on an individual basis. To register your interest for the next course or to speak to Al in more detail about the Amazon course content please contact us now.

Courses take place in Brighton, East & West Sussex, Horsham, Crawley, Surrey and Kent and further afield over Skype.


Course prices

Prices vary depending on whether its a group or individual delivery and whether it is face to face or over Skype. “How to sell on Amazon” courses are tailored to the needs of the trainee and so please contact Al to discuss your needs in more detail and discuss the costs of the course.