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Magnet Therapy talk

Magnet Therapy Talk

backAs a nation we are living progressively longer and many people are now looking for alternate ways to obtain pain relief away from the conventional method of prescribed drugs.

Over 150 million people worldwide now use magnet therapy and the numbers are growing progressively. Magnet therapy consists of placing a therapeutic magnet on the body either affixing it to the skin with surgical tape, or where support may be needed, a number of magnets are secreted in a neoprene wrap before being attached to the body with Velcro fastening.

In his magnet therapy talk, Alan demonstrates how this form of therapy works with some audience participation. It should be noted that this non-invasive treatment works for around 80% of people that use it. Over recent years a pulsed electrical magnetic device has become available to the market and speeds up healing time significantly. Working as a safe and effective portable machine arthritic sufferers and people with sports injuries have found this piece of kit invaluable.

Magnet therapy can also be used to promote well–being and so it is not necessary to have any kind of ailment to use it. Many people wear a magnetic bracelet and maintain that they have more energy and that their colds and flu have diminished significantly. horse dogOf course many people dismiss this fact or suggest that there is a placebo effect going on but Alan refutes this entirely by saying “ I have done a lot of work with animals using this therapy and there is no placebo effect there”.


How to book a Magnet Therapy talk

The Magnet Therapy talk can be delivered to groups at a time and place to suit you. Please contact Al to book and discuss the details further.

Magnet therapy talks can be given all over the UK.


Magnet Therapy Course

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